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Facts About Golden Willow Elk Meat

Our elk meat is lean, healthy and naturally raised. Our animals aren't fed anything that doesn't grow on the land they roam. That means no hormones, no steroids or no antibiotics.

Our animals are raised in a free range environment, nourished only on natural feed.


Elk meat is a heart healthy choice for smart consumers who want great taste, plus its versatile and easy to cook.


Elk meat is high in protein, iron and B vitamins, with less fat and cholesterol than beef, pork, chicken, lamb or even buffalo!

Alberta ranched elk is an excellent source of nutrition, higher in protien and nutrients, and lower in fat and cholesterol, than other common meats.

Available all year round!

  • Garlic Rings

  • Ground Elk  

  • Honey Garlic Pepperoni Sticks  

  • Smokies (Regular & Jalapeno)

  • Maple Breakfast Sausage  

  • Steaks (New York, Rib Eye, Serloin & Tenderloin)

  • Heart/Liver/Kidney/Tongue 

  • Jerky (Call for Flavors)

Prices may vary based on processing costs.

Discounts available for large orders. Halves and whole elk available upon request and availability.

Source: U.S. Deparment of Agriculture

  • Stew  

  • Hamburger Patties  

  • Roast  

  • Hot Dogs   

  • Back Ribs  

  • Short Ribs

(403) 784-2284

Grass Fed, All Natural Elk

No Hormones, No Antibiotics

Founded 1999


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