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Established January 1999 and 100% Canadian owned, Golden Willow Ranch is located 25 minutes east of Red Deer, Alberta - an ideal location of gentle woodland and rolling hills for the husbandry of elk, one of earth's most majestic species. 


Since our founding Golden Willow Ranch has been artificially inseminating our herd to the top velvet and hard antler bulls on the planet, thus steadily improving our elks' genetics to world class standards of both size and vitality. Through rigorous and scientific discipline we have come to produce some of Canada's finest trophy elk bulls, herd sires and breeding stock, and carefully retain only those females who produce the finest, healthiest offspring.

We invite you to discover our range of exceptional products, and are always happy to provide tours of our ranch to those interested in meeting our beautiful animals.

© Golden Willow Ranch 2012. All Rights Reserved.

(403) 784-2284

Grass Fed, All Natural Elk

No Hormones, No Antibiotics

Founded 1999


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